Electronic Giving/Envelopes

Parishioners can decide how to make offerings to the church. A supply of personalized envelopes is mailed monthly to each registered parishioner’s home for use in the Sunday collection basket. As an alternative, the Parish Pay system is an automatic giving program that debits your credit card or bank account once or twice a month as you request and eliminates the use of envelopes.

PARISH PAY TRANSITIONING:  Thank you for using online giving for your support of our parish.  Online giving is safe, simple, and convenient.  It benefits our parish by helping to streamline our administrative process and providing more accurate budgeting.  Our current online giving provider, ParishPay, has been acquired by Liturgical Publications.  All ParishPay accounts will be transitioned to WeShare, LPi’s online giving platform early in the fall of 2017.  You do not need to do anything for this transition process.  Your information will be transferred electronically following the strictest security protocol.  Once the transition is complete, you will receive more information about how to login and manage your account on WeShare.

To sign up for Electronic Giving just click here