Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Alleluia! 

Today is the Second Sunday of Easter.  In recent years it has been dubbed as Divine Mercy Sunday.  Traditionally this Sunday closes the Octave of Easter — eight days of the afterglow of Jesus’ triumph over death.  The fallout from the explosion of love has enveloped the world ever since.  Truly every Sunday and every Mass is a celebration of Divine Mercy.  Each Mass begins with our pleas of “Lord Have Mercy” and in the Eucharist we receive the full strength of the Lord’s loving kindness as we relive the mysteries of His death and Resurrection.  Jesus’ word to His disciples after the Resurrection was “Peace.”  The message is passed down to us.  The gift of the Lord’s Resurrection is the peace of mind and heart, knowing we are forgiven, loved and cherished forever.  Easter is not just one day, nor eight days but everyday!
Fr. Hugh, OP


Holy Innocents Speaker Series Presents:  Sunday, April 30th – More Info
A Conversation with Peter Somogyi, A Holocaust Survivor.  All member of our inter-faith community are invited.

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Monday, April 24th:
11:00am—Bible Study
Tuesday, April 25th:
11:00am—Lectio Divina
3:15pm—First Holy Communion Rehearsal
Wednesday, April 26th:
3:15pm—First Holy Communion Rehearsal
6:00pm—Junior Choir
7:15pm—Adult Choir
Thursday, April 27th:
3:15pm—First Holy Communion Rehearsal
Saturday, April 29th:
9:00am—First Holy Communion Rehearsal
4:30pm—Teen Choir
Sunday, April 30th:
7:00pm—Holy Innocents Speaker Series Presents: “A Conversation with Peter Somogyi”