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Dominican Friars Annual Formation Appeal:  Donation Information

Midnight Run:  Sunday, Nov 5th. Volunteers needed for food prep, driving and distribution.  Contact Tom or Noreen Puglia: 914-2558651 or 915-579-2039.  Men’s gently used & new clothing: hats, gloves, coats, boots, hoodies, sweatshirts.  Neural and dark colors are preferred.

Memorial Mass:  Monday, Nov 7th at 7:30 pm.  More Info

Save the Date:  Speaker Series – Nov. 17th , 7:30 – Topic: Finance & Economics in the Service of Human Flourishing:  Why My Moral Choices in the Marketplace Matter.  join us for a talk from Fr. Albin Berrera, OP, Professor of Economics and Theology at Providence College.

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Monday, October 24th:
11:00am—Bible Study

Tuesday, October 25th:
11:00am—Lectio Divina

Wednesday, October 26th:
6:00pm—Junior Choir
7:15pm—Adult Choir

Saturday, October 29th:
4:30pm—Teen Choir