Youth Group

Youth Minister – Tom Conaty
914-769-0025 x30

  • Consists of HS students, grades 9-12.
  • Group meets regularly; usually Sundays @ 6:15pm.
  • Group leaders run meetings and plan events, register new members, record minutes, communicate with members via email & text messaging.
  • Organize youth masses; usually first Sunday of each month, 5:15 mass.
  • Outreach consisting of service and social justice events.
  • Fundraising events such as CYO breakfast/dinner, box city, charity walks, etc.
  • Semi-annual mission trips during summer.
  • October/November Activities:
    Oct. 21st — Breast Cancer Walk at 8:30 am
    Oct. 28th — Cottage School visit at 2:30 pm
    Oct. 28th — Youth Group Meeting at 6:15 pm
    ●Nov. 4th — Breakfast Run to NYC at 6:45 am
    ●Nov. 4th — Youth Mass at 5:15pm following by meeting at 6:15 pm
    ●Nov. 11th — Youth Group Meeting 6:15 pm
    ●Nov. 11th — Cottage School Visit at 2:30 pm
    ●Nov. 18th — Breakfast Run to NYC at 6:45 am

Youth Group Officers For 2018/2019:

President – Tom Kavanagh
Vice President – Jack Howe
Secretary – Briana Braia
Secretary – Melanie Ipyam
Trustee – Ciara Hickey
Trustee – Pat Doherty