Clergy/Parish Staff

Fr. Luke Hoyt, OP

Fr. Ken Letoile, OP
Parochial Vicar

Fr. Leo Camurati, OP
In Residence

Fr. Frank Sutman, OP
In Residence

Eileen Bruehl
Parish Administrative Assistant
769-0025 x11

Joanna O’Connor
Parish Administrative Assistant
914-769-0025, x10

Barbara Mackin
Business Manager
All Souls Cemetery Manager
914-769-0025 x22

Roxanne Surace
Director of Religious Education
914-769-3297, x1

Roseann Graj
Assistant Director of Religious Education
914-769-3297 x2

Joe DeSanctis
Music Director 914-514-8731

Julia Dalceredo
Youth Minister  914-610-0629