Mass and Memorial Intentions

Mass Intentions

You can request a Mass Intention for a particular date. The date will be published in the bulletin in advance. An unpublished Mass will be celebrated at one of the Dominican Houses.

We ask that you request only ONE Sunday Mass (which includes the 5:15 pm on Saturday) and no more than ONE Weekday Mass at Holy Innocents.  Mass requests can be made in person or by phone during our weekly office hours.

Memorial Intentions

SANCTUARY LAMP MEMORIALS:  Parishioners may request the Sanctuary Lamp in Holy Innocents Church or Our Lady of Pompeii Chapel to burn for two weeks in memory of or in honor of a loved one.   Intentions will be published in the weekly bulletin. The donation is $20.  All requests must be made in person at the Parish Office during our weekly office hours.

Also available at the parish office are enrollments in the Deserving Poor Boys’ Priesthood Association, an organization under the auspices of the Dominican Friars of St. Joseph’s Province. The Association helps fund the formation and education of candidates for the Dominican priesthood and brotherhood.