The weekend of October 1st,we launched the public phase of our parish’s participation in the Archdiocesan Renew and Rebuild Capital Campaign. Since the early spring the campaign focused on outreach to certain individuals in the parish to lay down a foundation of substantial gifts before opening the drive to the community at large. The archdiocese initiated Renew and Rebuild to provide parishes with the means to meet significant capital needs and improvements for the future. For us at Holy Innocents the campaign coincides with our successful HVAC replacement and will provide the funds now to pay for it.

Our parish goal is $1,078,000. 74% of that sum will stay here in the parish with the remainder going to the archdiocese. Thanks to sacrificial generosity of a number of families, as of October 1st, we have reached 40% of the goal. We now turn to the parish at large to bring us to the finish line.

We have identified a number of areas in our physical plant that need repair and improvement as we move forward into the 21st century. In addition to the obvious HVAC payment, the ceiling in the social hall needs soundproofing; security cameras are called for to protect our children in religious education; the rectory roof requires repair along with the deteriorating back steps. All of these are basic repairs, nothing fancy, and no more then deferred maintenance of obvious needs.

I want to thank all those on our committee who have worked hard to bring us so close to our goal. I ask all of our parishioners to participate in this Renew and Rebuild Campaign to set us on a sound and safe footing as we move optimistically toward a vibrant future of serving the Lord.
Father Hugh, OP

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