A reflection based on the Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity from the Second Vatican Council.

We at the Second Vatican Council make an earnest appeal to all the laypeople of the Church. We ask that you make a willing, noble, and enthusiastic response to God’s call. Christ is calling you indeed! The Spirit is urging you. Welcome this call with an eager heart and a generous spirit. It is the Lord, through the council, who is once more inviting all Christians of every level of the Church to work diligently in the harvest. Join yourselves to the mission of Christ in the world, knowing that in the Lord, your labors will not be lost.(Article 33)

Do you feel inspired by the Holy Spirit to volunteer in our Program here at Holy Innocents? 

If you are interested in volunteering in our Program please contact Roxanne Surace at 914-769-3297 or religious.ed@hiparish.org. Please note that if you volunteer as a Catechist the fees for your child will be waived. If you volunteer in another capacity for our Program you will pay half fee. However, Sacramental fees will be collected.

Catechist Formation Classes

The Catechetical Office of The Archdiocese of New York offers courses for Catechists. The courses are designed to enhance and improve our knowledge of the Faith. Also, there are courses that help empower individuals who may not have a background of classroom management or lesson planning. There are courses offered on-line and in person.

By using the link http://www.nyfaithformation.org/central-offices/catechist-formation/catechist-formation-schedule-of-courses/ you can connect to the Catechetical office. It is also possible to receive updates for class offerings through the site.