FROM OUR ADMINISTRATOR              September 2, 2020


I wanted to share an update to my previous communication about the COVID-19 exposure of the Dominican community at Holy Innocents. As you know, the friars began a self-imposed quarantine on August 30 upon learning of the potential exposure.  Unfortunately, I just received a positive result from my own COVID-19 test taken on August 28th, 2020. This was a routine test which all clergy in the Archdiocese are asked to take on a regular basis; it was taken before we knew of our potential exposure.

Ever since public Masses have resumed we have been continuing our ongoing safety precautions including wearing masks, maintaining social distance and sanitizing our hands before distributing communion. Despite these precautions, I know this will be concerning news for those of you who have been in the church recently. So I wanted to share with you the following recommendations from the Archdiocesan health advisers whom I contacted today.

If you have questions about your or your family’s safety, please contact your health care provider.  The CDC and New York State Department of Health advises anyone who is concerned about a potential exposure to self-monitor for symptoms.  You may also decide to obtain a COVID-19 test. 

If you develop or have developed COVID-19 symptoms, you should call your medical professional or you can call the ArchCare COVID-19 Hotline at 1-877-239-1998.  Archcare has allocated staff to handle inquiries and provide guidance to members of the Archdiocesan community, including clergy, religious, volunteers, lay personnel, students, and their families.  The Archcare Intake Specialists will answer all questions or route you to someone who can address your concerns.  Archcare can also provide you with information about obtaining a COVID-19 test to determine if you have been infected by the virus. 

In addition, you can obtain additional information by visiting New York State Department of Health website at Westchester County Department of Public Health website at

Following the NYS and Archdiocese guidelines the parish will suspend public Masses and office hours until September 11th following safety and quarantine requirements. We will also have all affected parish facilities deep cleaned and disinfected.  The Archdiocese has arranged to provide such services to the parish as soon as possible. I will be sure to keep you posted with any other information I receive regarding these guidelines and resuming activities at Holy Innocents.

Do know of my continued prayers for you all during this time. And please be in touch if there’s anything we can do for you while we are in quarantine. We continue to walk forward in Jesus’ care and company. In His name,

Fr. Luke