FROM OUR ADMINISTRATOR           9/20/2020

Good afternoon,
I hope you are all enjoying the very Autumnal weather of the last several days. Personally, I am always glad to get to wear my hoodie again.

We continue to receive nothing but good news regarding the test results of our parishioners in the last three weeks since our potential exposure. What a blessing and a comfort to find that the safety measures we have been asked to follow were effective.

We were able to resume daily Masses this past week and Sunday Masses yesterday and today. Remember that due to the pandemic the Archdiocese has continued to suspend the usual Sunday obligation to attend Mass, so do not feel any pressure to attend in person. Feel free to instead join in spirit or through our 9am Sunday live-stream. That said, for those of you who chose to return this week, it was so nice to see each of you. Every Mass is by definition a deeply communal reality and your presence is so valued.

Earlier this week Bishop Peter Byrne joined us for the Confirmation of our students whose special day had been postponed from the Spring. What a joy to see our young people receive this great Sacrament. There were 72 students in all, spread over four separate ceremonies to maintain social distance. I am reminded that the number 72 is very significant because that is the exact number of disciples that Jesus sent out to proclaim the Kingdom of God. May the Spirit indeed continue to fill our 72 confirmandi that they would be proclaimers of Christ’s Kingdom to the world.

Here is our liturgy schedule for this week, Sept. 21-27. Note that we will again only have daily Masses on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

  • Monday (Feast of St. Matthew): 7am Mass
  • Tuesday: 7pm Holy Hour with confessions available
  • Wednesday: 7am Mass
  • Friday: 7am Mass
  • Saturday: 4:30 confessions, 5:15pm Vigil
  • Sunday: 7:30am, 9am, 11am, 5:15pm Masses

Know of my continued prayers, thank you for yours, and stay in touch,

Fr. Luke